It’s just a game

If you can’t beat them, join them and that is exactly what companion wife, Marjorie, did. She did not wish to become a cricket widow so she started taking an interest in cricket by asking me to explain the game as we watched¬† matches on television.

I am proud to be a British citizen and prouder still to be an Indian national, so it is understandable that I try to follow the Indian cricket team playing in all formats of the game. Marjorie finds test matches boring, preferring the excitement of 50 over and 20/20 games, and has yearned to watch a live match, so we were thrilled to see that India will be playing England, in a 50 over game, in Cardiff in September. This we must see.

I got on the ‘net and saw that there were just 1000 tickets left, so hurried to see if I could bag two. It must be that we are out of touch with reality because I was horrified to see that the cost of a ticket was ¬£75. Our reality kicked in and kicked the idea into touch. Back to the television.