On returning from the gym, this morning, I found Marjorie in a terrible state so I rushed and poured a tumblerful of my Sports Lucozade from a bottle that was in the kitchen. She grimaced with the first sip and sobbed that she could not possibly drink that as it tasted like cough linctus, so I gave her a glassful of Original Lucozade.

Some time later I decided to drink the Lucozade that Marjorie did not like and gasped, because it was neat whisky. A Miracle!!

We do not always have wine with dinner when we are away doing exhibitions, but sometimes feel like a chhota peg ( a wee dram) to fortify ourselves so Marjorie decanted some whisky into the first available bottle. We never got around to drinking the whisky.

It is all in the head

…bet you don’t know know who Franz Joseph GALL is.

He was the physician who discovered Phrenology. I wondered if Marjorie had been reading up on the subject and was intrigued when she told me I had a nice head. I thought she was referring to my intelligence, but my self esteem took a tumble when she whipped out the electric razor and before I could say, “short back and sides” I was completely shorn.

Proud of her handiwork, she stuck a mirror in front of me saying, “There, doesn’t your head look nice”. Luckily, I was not holding up the temple.