Next exhibition

23 April 2011

This is just a one day event at the Queen’s Hall in Narberth, and you never know what to expect. The last time we were here someone, who reminded me of Columbo, sidled up to me and fed me a sprat in the way of a blog. The mackerel was reeled in and I now have a state-of-the-art new website. This is once when I do not mind being caught hook, line and sinker.


16 and 17 April

As in previous years, Rosemary Griffiths’ Healing Weekend was a very pleasant one but not exciting. The two Dowsing workshops I did were well attended, with a lot of people coming back to our stand to buy dowsing tools. This is our crafty way of bringing people to our stand and getting them interested in the main business of selling Neem products.

We cannot understand standholders who sit behind their stand and do not try to engage potential customers.


4th April, 2011

Sadly the exhibition in Newport was a disappointment, partially due to the fact that it was Mothers’ Day. It was just as well that Marjorie and I were in a very positive mood even when we missed the little road that lead to the hotel and had to drive about ten miles on a dual carriageway before we could turn back. Familiar faces seemed pleased to see us while people we don’t seeĀ  on the circuit looked at us suspiciously.

Most exhibitors park themselves behind their stands and wait for customers to come to them, while we have a more pro-active approach and draw people to our stand. Giving a talk or doing a workshop is a good marketing tool and if you are good people come back to your stand. My workshop must have been good because most of my audience came to our stand to buy dowsing tools.

Our hotel was a revelation and we were very impressed with the allround standard. They did not serve dinner so I decided to surprise Marjorie by pretending to take the wrong road back to the hotel but drove to Cardiff, to a restaurant we had visited before. Unfortunately the restaurant did not open on Sundays and, fortunately, a passerby directed us to a similar restaurant that was open.

Our next exhibition is a very local one in our home town, Haverfordwest, on the 16th and 17th.


Our next exhibition is at the Newport Hilton, Newport, Gwent on Sunday 3, April.

This will be our first time at this venue and it will be nice to see familiar faces, so please visit us.

Not the end of the world

Time was when having a “heart problem” was sinister, and some people still feel this way. Cardiology has advanced greatly during the last few years, and continues to do so, reflecting on the number of people who are able to lead normal lives after treatment. You do not age after treatment and after a prescribed rehab programme.

You need to take responsibility for yourself and start to appreciate the new life you have been given. Go to your local leisure center and observe the new intake of rehabs, and see the difference in their attitude three months later. They are “born again”.