Dowsing again – WHY?

27 March 2011

We have just returned from our West Wales Dowsers Society’s lively AGM. Our hard working committee was press-ganged ito serving for another term.

How does dowsing work? If you believe that dowsing works by picking up vibrations, pick up your pendulum and ask if it does. Let me know what answer you get. Remember the three questions and be very specific with your question.

Quantum entanglement? More questions than answers.

Let me explain why I keep harping on about Dowsing.

In our business advertising is like throwing seeds into the wind and hoping some land on fertile ground. And, advertising is not cheap, so we decided to exhibit our products to a sympathetic audience like visitors to exhibitions such as Mind, Body, Spirit (Soul) and Natural Healing. A lot of these visitors come looking for some help, be it spiritual, medical, physical or personal and there is an array of stands catering to these needs.

One would hope that the stand holders (exhibitors) had scruples when dealing with “vulnerable” customers, and most are honest. Sadly, all too often, we see gullible people being preyed on. A case comes to mind: A woman approached my wife, Marjorie, saying that she had a problem with her heart and she was going to die. Marjorie asked me to dowse to see if there were any problems with her chakras and major organs. My dowsing indicated that there was nothing to be concerned about.

The woman returned to our stand about an hour later, with a pendant hanging from her neck, and she asked me to dowse to see if the pendant would help her heart condition. When I told her that my dowsing showed that the pendant would make no difference to her heart she askd me if the pendant would help any other part of her body. The answer was negative. She explained that another stand holder dowsed nine chakras in her body and said that all were out of balance. She was persuaded to buy a different pendant for each of the nine chakras at a cost of £55.00 each. She told us that she spent her life savings on the worthless pendants, and was too timid to ask for a refund even when I offered to accompany her. THAT IS IMMORAL, and this is why we teach people to dowse before they spend their money.

Post script: We have seen this woman, hale and hearty, at three other exhibitions around the country, during the past year. Maybe the medallions worked!

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