Dowsing again – WHY?

27 March 2011

We have just returned from our West Wales Dowsers Society’s lively AGM. Our hard working committee was press-ganged ito serving for another term.

How does dowsing work? If you believe that dowsing works by picking up vibrations, pick up your pendulum and ask if it does. Let me know what answer you get. Remember the three questions and be very specific with your question.

Quantum entanglement? More questions than answers.

Let me explain why I keep harping on about Dowsing.

In our business advertising is like throwing seeds into the wind and hoping some land on fertile ground. And, advertising is not cheap, so we decided to exhibit our products to a sympathetic audience like visitors to exhibitions such as Mind, Body, Spirit (Soul) and Natural Healing. A lot of these visitors come looking for some help, be it spiritual, medical, physical or personal and there is an array of stands catering to these needs.

One would hope that the stand holders (exhibitors) had scruples when dealing with “vulnerable” customers, and most are honest. Sadly, all too often, we see gullible people being preyed on. A case comes to mind: A woman approached my wife, Marjorie, saying that she had a problem with her heart and she was going to die. Marjorie asked me to dowse to see if there were any problems with her chakras and major organs. My dowsing indicated that there was nothing to be concerned about.

The woman returned to our stand about an hour later, with a pendant hanging from her neck, and she asked me to dowse to see if the pendant would help her heart condition. When I told her that my dowsing showed that the pendant would make no difference to her heart she askd me if the pendant would help any other part of her body. The answer was negative. She explained that another stand holder dowsed nine chakras in her body and said that all were out of balance. She was persuaded to buy a different pendant for each of the nine chakras at a cost of £55.00 each. She told us that she spent her life savings on the worthless pendants, and was too timid to ask for a refund even when I offered to accompany her. THAT IS IMMORAL, and this is why we teach people to dowse before they spend their money.

Post script: We have seen this woman, hale and hearty, at three other exhibitions around the country, during the past year. Maybe the medallions worked!

A Bee in a Glasshouse

I accept the fact that language evolves, and new words are constantly being added to the dictionary. What sticks in the craw is the demise of the use of grammar. Time was when we looked to the august BBC for correct pronunciation but the new breed of commentators, particularly in the sports field, set a bad example.It is a long while since my children were at school, but I will hazard a guess that grammar is no longer taught.

I live in a glass house, inasmuch as my children – better educated than I was – would correct my conjugations and declensions, but, I would take heed. It is such a pleasure listening to people like Stephen Fry and Lord Benn talk, irrespective of their views.

There! I have expunged the bee from my bonnet.

Ride the Waves

Our location, in a corner of Wales, means we are far away from most of the exhibition destinations, which is why we stopped exhibiting in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and East Anglia and our farthest trip in the UK is to Manchester. There are always pros and cons and one of the pros is that it is easier for us to travel to Cork and Dublin than it is go anywhere across the Welsh border.

An overnight ferry crossing from Fishguard or Pembroke Dock to Rosslare, and it is just 100 miles to Dublin. I do not know why we started using the Stena Line from Fishguard, but I do know that the “up and under” bunks must have been intended for lithe and lissom people and, sadly, I do not fit into that category. Perhaps another six months at the gym and I will be able to vault into the upper bunk.

I was delighted to find that the Pembroke Dock ferry had just one disabled cabin with two single beds, and Marjorie’s “Blue Badge” came in handy. Because it is the only cabin of its sort I have to ensure that I book as soon as the bookings open. An added benefit is that our vehicle is directed to a spot that is near to the lift to the passenger decks. A point mentioning is the cleanliness throughout the ferry.

We drive back from Dublin to Rosslare when the exhibition closes on Sunday evening, and spend the night in Rosslare. Understandably, after three days of exhibiting and the drive to Rosslare we are ready for bed, but the landlord of the B & B we once stayed at definitely had the gift of the gab, and did not seem to notice our yawns. We now spend the night in a hotel where they kindly make us sandwiches and a pot of hot chocolate.

One is encouraged to get breakdown cover when travelling abroad, and this is sensible as we do quite a bit of driving at night, so I got a quotation from you-know-who. That much? It would seem that I am always looking for other doors and I found that I would be better off with the basic membership of the Irish AA. Believe it or not, this also covers me for breakdowns in the UK. Heads I win, Tails I win! This gives me peace of mind.

On one of our return trips to Fishguard, Customs and Excise officers asked me to pull into a shed, saying that they wanted to check the diesel in my fuel tank. When I told them that I did not use diesel they asked if I used petrol and looked puzzled when I said that I did not use petrol either. I had to stifle my chuckle at the look on their faces when I told them my fuel was vegetable oil. To be continued ..

M. E. and Marjorie

A few years ago, on returning from a holiday in India, Marjorie found herself listless. She had lost all muscle tone and literally flopped in her chair.

Like most housewives, MV (Marjorie, abbreviated) is very houseproud but she did not have the energy or inclinination to undertake any cleaning. Those of you who know MV know how much she enjoys cooking, but now I had to don the apron.

MV looked to the future, and saw herself wheelchair bound and dependent on me for all her needs. I am not sure which of the two visions shook her out of her apathy, but she asked me to help her get better, and started by holding a can of beans in her hand and exercising it. It was agonising, but she was heartened as she felt every slight improvement.

The next step was audacious as I helped her to shuffle three paces and then three paces back to her chair, and we gradually increased the distance. MV worried each time if she would make it back to her chair. MV was still shuffling but she was thrilled when she actually got to the front door and back. Her legs were getting stronger, but she still needed my support. We reached a minor milestone when we ventured past the front door, into the open. The improvement was very gradual, but, Marjorie was making progress and thoughts of wheelchairs were cast aside.

It took three months of determined application before my wife was literally and figuratively back on her feet. Marjorie fought her way back to fitness and has, since, inspired others to make the effort.