“I don’t know where to buy Neem oil as I don’t live in the UK at the moment but I am 100% sure if you look on ebay or online you will find it. Get the oil, not essential oil, and one that is directed at health/skin care.
I came across neem oil on my first trip to India and bought a bottle of it with a list attached of      the many things it can be used to treat. I don’t normally get piles but suffered with them badly because of the change of diet and just thought to try out the neem oil and was amazed at how fast they cleared which has been my experience ever since with any flare up.”

Pure Neem Oil


  1. Good blog post. Very interesting. I have a few skin care tips which appear to work well for me personally, it’s something everybody can carry out. Just remember to drink a sufficient amount of water, this can help to remove toxins out of your body and skin. Getting enough sleep is also a good foundation for skin care given that while sleeping the skin will renew all the dead skin cells. Furthermore, I make certain that I don’t go in
    direct sunlight too much and this seems to work nicely
    for me.

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